Alien Portal Chamber: Unreal Engine Environment

This was a project for my graduate program where I created an environment in Unreal Engine 5 along with an animated “Epic Door”. I was heavily inspired by the look of the glowing wall in the movie, The Arrival but wanted to add my own touches where there is a massive imposing door way that is kaleidoscopic, morphing into itself to create interesting shapes. The door opens and pushes through space-time itself creating a pathway to an unknown destination.

Software: Unreal Engine, Maya, Houdini
Renderer: Unreal Engine

About Me

I am deeply fascinated by art, programming and everything in between. As an aspiring technical artist, I seek to apply my skills in the fields that live between my two passions. 

I received a Bachelor’s in Computer Science at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL. I am currently pursuing an M.F.A in Visual Effects at SCAD           (Savannah College of Art and Design)

Software Proficient

Coding Languages

Contact Me

You can reach out to me via the email or social media links below

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